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Patient rights

The law on patients in Kosovo aims to protect the rights and interests of individuals who receive health services within the country. It sets out the fundamental rights of patients, including the right to access health care services without discrimination, the right to receive quality care and the right to informed consent. Additionally, the law outlines mechanisms for patient complaints and redress, ensuring that complaints are addressed promptly and fairly. It also emphasizes the importance of patient confidentiality and privacy, setting standards for the protection of sensitive medical information. Additionally, the law underscores the need for health care providers to uphold ethical standards and professionalism in their interactions with patients.

Charter of rights of patients in Kosovo

Patients' rights - Law 2004/38

Patient Support

PRAK provides personalized advocacy and support services to help patients navigate the complexities of the health care system and ensure they receive the care they deserve.


PRAK provides legal guidance and counseling to patients facing healthcare-related challenges, ensuring that their rights are protected and respected throughout their healthcare journey.

Education programs

PRAK conducts educational programs and awareness campaigns to empower patients with knowledge, to promote health education.


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