Patient Support

PRAK provides personalized advocacy and support services to help patients navigate the complexities of the health care system and ensure they receive the care they deserve.


PRAK provides legal guidance and counseling to patients facing healthcare-related challenges, ensuring that their rights are protected and respected throughout their healthcare journey.

Education programs

PRAK develops educational programs and awareness campaigns to empower patients with knowledge, to promote health education.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission aims to create a new dynamic in the health care system, making the citizen (patient) an equal partner in the health care process. We aim to increase citizens’ awareness of their role in their health care and promote effective collaboration and communication between patients and health professionals. We aim to create a shared environment that provides the highest quality and personalized care for each patient. Our mission includes mobilizing resources at the service of citizens to ensure they have equal access to health care. We seek to build a sustainable and innovative system that ensures continuous improvement in health care for all.

Our Vision

Our vision for healthcare is to create an environment where the patient is at the center of the healthcare process. We have a vision where every individual has fair and equal access to health services, and where their needs and preferences are the focus of the system. Through this vision, we aim to create a culture where the patient feels heard, and where decisions about their care are based on coordination and transparency. We believe in the power of informing and educating patients to facilitate their healthcare decision-making.

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+381 38 500 600


+381 38 500 600

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