Patients’ Rights Association in Kosovo is an independent association non-politic and non-profit, under the definition given in section 5.2 and 6 of the Law on Freedom of Association in NGOs 04 / L-57.

PRAK is capable to create value to the promotion and protection of patients’ rights, has the potential to continue also in the future because it is based on the its philosophy of “full observance of the rights of patients”.

Functionalization of philosophy achieved through making and implementation policy for achieving information and respecting of fully for the patients’ rights, the elimination of all barriers to the legal basis for the fulfillment of these rights, and setting up unique voice of patients.


PRAK for the vision has Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Patients, putting patient in center of health system, which will affect the improvement and advancement of health care in Kosovo.


PRAK is an organization that supports the needs of patients on respect for their rights in health care by promoted and protected them in order to regulate the health system in Kosovo.


Organization is established with the aim to:

  1. Promotion and protection of patients’ rights in Kosovo;
  2. Promoting sustainable and efficient system of health;
  3. Promotion of education necessary for a healthy life for all citizens of Kosovo;
  4. Advancing legislation that covers the scope of the rights of patients;
  5. Protection of patients in organized manner and public;
  6. Placing the patient in the center of the health system;
  7. Raising awareness of the relevant institutions for the rights of patients;
  8. Sensitization of public opinion to search their rights.